Liberty Dog, for Gina


Remember we were driving down Baker St that afternoon? I 'm not sure if you remember what the street names were around here, on account of you not living in the country right now but Baker St is one of the biggest streets in Costa Mesa. Costa Mesa being one of the places where you came to visit this last time you were here.

Costa Mesa, at the intersection of Baker and Fairview is where we saw Liberty Dog for the first time. He looked like this:

And when we saw him, hair blowing in the wind, tounge dangling freely outside of his mouth, and legs churning so fast he reminded me of my dear friend Otis, he was in the middle of the intersection, ducking, stopping, and dodging cars with no regard for his life, traffic laws, or his frat-boy owner chasing after him.

No. Liberty Dog was free.

No. Liberty Dog is free.

Liberty Dog ran in circles around the intersection clearly trying to avoid his owner. He ran underneath a car that did not see him and made it out the other side of the car. He juked right and then took off running across a parking lot to the left on Fairview. Remember we were heading South on Baker? So, astounded by the stunning display of desire for freedom, both of us had our necks cocked to the left in awe. We followed his trail with our eyes until the traffic light we were waiting at turned green or he was out of sight, I don't remember.

However, I do remember how I felt after I saw Liberty Dog.

You see Gina, Liberty Dog would rather run into a crowded intersection where no cars could see him and his frat-boy owner would chase him down rather than sit in the backseat of a car. Liberty Dog was hungry, not for canned food, but quality food. Do you see it Gina? Liberty Dog had a safe "bro" life planned out for him. He could've sipped beer with the homies at parties, humped sorority girls' legs, been feed twice a day, been taken on walks, and after a day of doing so he couldl've slept on a nice comfortable bed.

Shit, who knows Gina, he might've had his own yard to call his own!

And instead, he jumped out of the window of his frat-bro-owner's Audi and ran headstrong into the intersection. Geez Gina, if that doesn't light a fire in your belly than I have to reconsider our relationship.

Liberty Dog had his life planned out for him. It was safe, comfortable, and fratty.

Yet, Liberty Dog wanted more.

Liberty Dog wanted to roam the streets and find his own food. He didn't care about being cute or humping sorority girls' legs. He wanted to cultivate a style of his own and find his mate in the wild, possibly on the beach. Liberty Dog didn't care about the luxuries and comfort of a frat life, he wanted an exciting life that he would make on his own.

Liberty Dog believed in something more than luxury and comfort. Liberty Dog believed in freedom. Liberty Dog does not compromise. Liberty Dog runs into the intersection to chase after what he believes in.

Gina, I hope you love Liberty Dog the way I do. I hope you learn from his story because in the the limited time you were here, you saw him make his move for freedom. You were supposed to see him.

Be brave and never compromise.

Above all, run towards your dreams the way Liberty Dog did.


Above all, run towards your dreams the way Liberty Dog does.



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