Tour, for Johnny's Parents

I know Johnny's parents very well. I see them frequently and we talk about him often. I'd say 3 or 4 times a year we go together to visit him. The other day, his parents recieved a drawing of his cell from him. They shared it with me and I'm sharing it with you.

What follows was written and drawn by Johnny for his parents.


Dear Mom and Dad,

So here's the card I was telling you about. Pretty cool huh? This is what my "home" looks like. That's why it's so important to have a good celly. I'm lucky I get along w/mine real good. Anyways, lemme give you a tour. :-)

The boxes at the end of the bunks r flat screen T.V.'s. We tie 'em in place. The thing on the desk is a boom box. Remember those? LOL. That lighthouse looking thing on the top locker is a hot pot. Those are fans tied to the ventilation vent & on the lower locker. Make sure you wipe your feet as u enter, rite there on the line on your rite, as you enter. & wall to wall, front to back, 6 x 11 ft. & Thanks to you, a few luxuries!

Love, Johnny


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